what you should know about 5g

[MUSIC] These are the top five things that you need to know about 5G. Right now, a lot of us are using 4G LTE networks on our phones. 5G is the next generation mobile network, and it’s coming soon. So, will it make everything super amazing? Kind of. Let’s get to it. At number five, it’s coming soon. AT&T says it will have mobile 5G up and running in 12 cities By the end of 2018. Waco, Atlanta, and Dallas are three of the cities that have been named. AT and T is also a special case, it has branded some of its services 5G evolution. That is not the same thing as true 5G, the standard. AT&T claims the 5G evolution is the foundation for 5G. Every major US carrier has said they will have 5G up and running in 2019. And number 4, increased capacity. 4G networks can still get overloaded. The 5G network can handle a lot more Everything. It can pump out a lot of data. Verizon will be offering in-home 5G connections to three to five US markets in 2018. So far, Sacramento and Los Angeles have been confirmed to be two of those And there won’t be data caps, 5G can handle more devices too. Expect a lot more connected devices since the network is built to handle it. [MUSIC] N

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