Scope software allows three-phase power analysis

An add-on software package for Teledyne LeCroy HDO8000A, HDO6000A, and WavePro HD 12-bit oscilloscopes enables single-phase and three-phase static and dynamic power analysis. Research and development engineers can use the software’s wide range of capabilities for debugging three-phase power-conversion system designs.

Static power results are displayed in user-configurable numeric tables, while dynamic power results are displayed as per-cycle waveforms. A zoom+gate mode offers time-correlated, instantaneous understanding of dynamic power behaviors, along with complete correlation to control system and other behaviors.

The software supports the two-wattmeter method to make accurate three-phase power measurements using just two voltage and two current signals. A harmonics option provides harmonic order calculations with tabular and spectral displays and total harmonic distortion measurements.

The three-phase power analysis software costs $3500. The ancillary harmonics add-on is priced at $1545.

Three-phase software product page

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