Max Igan & Level9News: AI, Crypto Currency, 5G

Max Igan & DJ – L9N discuss AI, crypto currency, 5G. Discussions include emerging crypto currency and how major banks across the world are adopting block chain. This will be introduced as the global currency by which all will be enslaved in a ‘re-make’ of the global banking system. Also, we discuss the emergence of AI, a virtual life form that the major platforms like Google and Face Book are now showing signs of losing control. AI has now shown the first signs of breaking away from it’s human creators by creating it’s own lnaguage that programmers are trying to decipher. We also discuss the power roll out of 5G networks, a spectrum that’s been classifed by the military as a ‘weapon’ and how this will create a ground based “web” here in the US while at the same time damaging biological lifeforms on a cellular level.

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