How 5G technology can play crucial role in agricultural growth and smart cities initiative

In the remote backwoods of Andhra Pradesh, techies from Sweden’s Ericsson, the world’s largest telecom equipment maker, are using high-end sensors to track the flow of the river Godavari to optimally distribute water to farmers for agriculture and minimise floods. Another Ericsson team is deploying wireless sensor networks to reuse ammonia-rich waste water for cost-effective organic farming.

Finland’s Nokia, too, is beefing up its R&D facility in Bengaluru to develop new-age service ..

The Indian government has set a rollout target for consumers by 2020, with the telecom department poised to unveil its 5G technology roadmap by June. The government has already committed budgetary support for a 5G technology test bed that will be anchored at the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai.

However, India’s operators are strapped for cash and averse to an early 5G spectrum sale. They want the government to defer it till FY20 so that there is time for the device ecosystem

Ericsson’s Bansal said the Swedish company “has the technical capability to offer its 5G network solutions to Indian carriers by mid-2019 itself,” but pointed out that compatible spectrum would need to be available first for its equipment to work and, more importantly, the government and industry must agree on when 5G spectrum should be auctioned in India.

The Indian government has earmarked 5G airwaves in the 3300-3400 MHz and 3400-3600 MHz bands for the next spectrum auction and has s ..

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