Grand Call To Action: Abstain From Your Cell Phone For 48 Hours

Abstain From Your Cell Phone For 48 hours – July 4th – 5th 2018

5G Call To Action

The last use of your cell phone is to text the following message to your local officials (City Council, Mayor, Governor, State/Federal representatives, FTC Commissioner):

For SMS text messages:
“I don’t consent to the 5G rollout with cell towers installed in my area. You must take action protecting the people’s health & safety. I will not use my cell phone.”

For Phone calls/Voice messages:
“I do not consent to your 5G rollout. We consumers will not comply with this agenda. I am turning off my cell phone today for 48 hours to impress upon you that now you must indeed obey the Consumer God you have created. I am that god.”

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