Augmented Reality Honours Class – Leiden University

Every year Robin teaches an Honours Class at Leiden University. The past years this course was Learning through Virtual Reality

In the fall of 2019 I will (almost certainly) start a new course ‘Augmented Reality & Human-Computer Collaboration‘, which has its focus on how AR will affect our society and influence the future of work.

In principle the course is only open to students from Leiden University. However, we’re also looking for organizations for the final projects for the students! Please contact us if you’re interested.


Course description

With the rise of Augmented and Virtual Reality our relation with digital technology is becoming more and more intimate. In this process, the borders between our bodies and brains and the tools we use become more and more blurred. This raises interesting philosophical questions on what it means to be smart and how Augmented Reality could change our society and our very experience of reality.

But it also brings forward more applied questions on the demands of the workforce of tomorrow.

Although precise predictions vary, sometime in the next decades we’ll have access to Augmented Reality glasses that we could potentially wear all day. This technology is expected to make 3D computer interfaces mainstream and a major way of interacting with the digital world.

It’s hard to underestimate the effects this development will have on our society. In this course we’ll focus on how AR will allow us to solve problems and learn in whole new ways:

  • Engineers can get on-the-job support from experts on the other side of the world;
  • AR glasses could instantly translate texts in other languages, or caption conversations;
  • Medical staff can be presented the right medical information needed to make a decision;

In this course you will be challenged to think how AR and VR technology could change how people solve all sorts of problems in collaboration with computers.. You will learn the skills needed to translate these ideas into future scenarios and Virtual and Augmented Reality prototypes.

For your final project you will work together with an organization and apply the knowledge you’ve gained for a real-world challenge.


Research project: Augmented Reality & Human-Computer Collaboration

This blog post is part of our research program Augmented Reality & Human-Computer Collaboration. Here we focus on how emerging computer interfaces like Augmented Reality will help people solve problems more effectively and change the future of work. This project consists of:

  • A new Honours Class at Leiden University;
  • An event in PLNT Leiden connecting Honours Class students with organizations for their real-world final projects;
  • A research internship on creating thought-provoking Augmented Reality prototypes
  • A series of brief and extensive blog posts following our Open Science approach

Do you want to stay up-to-date about this research program, the event and its outcomes?

Please keep me posted!


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